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Designing Your Hair Salon !

In order to open your own SALON , are many things that you have to do before you get that key. And all of these steps have to be carefully planned with time ahead .

You will need to buy the equipment, have the meeting with the possible landlord, hire personal (what is a really important step) , get the constructor , plumber, electrician, permits and sign , business cards must be printed ,and much more to do!!

You have mixed emotions. You feel overwhelmed , anxious , afraid, happy , is really the tough moment of decisions, that will show you the way to start in business .

Many new owners seem to have everything clear and know what they exactly want .But usually are those who previously owned a similar business before. And maybe they are opening their 2nd or 5th hair salon.

Many others took a second hand business . The last owner sold the business , and you see in it the opportunity of your life, you buy it, with everything ready to start doing customers hair next day. But careful ! you have to consider that equipment isn't new anymore, the last owner has a reputation for good or bad, and you will carry it until you got your own customers, and most important of all the place has a "vibe" , its own "feeling". Eventually you will have to renew the equipment, change the wall colors, do money investment on the place , at the end you will pay maybe more (not only money) for take a preowned salon place.

If you find a place under construction or that needs to be rebuild , you can buy your equipment with time, get a custom made design for your shampoo cabinets, desks and stations if you want to customize them,or wait for the equipment you really like. Obviously , will be money invested from the beginning but will be 100% worthy since you will have all you need the way you want it!


Hair Salon : Color and Spaces

If the space you have is small don't worry, we can always make it looks bigger just adding different clear colors in the different areas of the salon . Let's say shampoo area in white wall colors, styling area in another color that combines , or just simply coloring all of the walls in white and having nice and similar wall decors in black on the walls that keep relation in between in each area . This will help you to combine equipment colors too. White lights in stylists area, led in small areas like the reception area could work for a fancy look. Black chairs is the most elegant and the best for salons (if we are worried for the clean and neat look).

I recommend to buy the equipment first , and then work on the shop instead of do it the other way around. That way you will know what colors and how to decorate your place.

The key is "less is more" , do not full walls with picture frames or posters. The wall decals make the space decorated but not bulky. That is a good option.

If you like plants or flowers use them as a little delicate detail ,but do not put plants all around in every single area. (You want to cut hair, not plants).

ARO Beauty Equipment can help you with the design of your salon after you do your full purchase equipment.

So breath...put stress away and always remember this is new for you and you have to learn on the way from your own experiences and take some advices (If they come from the right people).

Always remember, the attitude that you put on your new project will be the attitude that will make your business succeed. Like everything in life.

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