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The TOP Professional Hair Dryers

Many beauty salons prefer to save extra space and look more organized and open with wall dryers instead of a dryer chair with a box dryer.

A wall dryer maximize your space you can hang it anywhere in your place and will looks good always.

Also the wheel dryers (named freestanding dryer too) are a convenient way to keep more space in the salon , just keep it in any room and bring it to the customer when you need to use it .

These choices work when you don't have space, but if you have plenty of room I will suggest to have pipe dryer chairs mounted on a chair or either a box dryer.

We carry our powerful Super Equator 3000 dryer in wall and free standing version.

The visor of our Super Equator 3000 is a very strong one . Give a great amount of heat to work in different types of hair with total confidence. To learn more visit us at

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