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9 tips to make your beauty salon "THE SALON"

How many times during a year you see the same customer in your Beauty Salon? Some of them, maybe 4 or 5 times in a year (but, remember those are not the only ones). Also you expect the other group , those who can not go dinner with a simple brushed hair , and they need to goes to you probably 4 times in a month.

But what makes the customer pick your salon instead of others, "the other one" maybe is closest to the customer's houses, or owned by family members or friends of them? What can be so brilliant and attractive to their eyes and senses in your place that make them pick you in between all of your competitors?

So far, I don't think price is the answer , but I can give you 9 tips that will let the customers come back once and again to you and stop using their cell phones to ask Siri where to go to.


1. Good distribution of the space. Small or big space, doesn't really matter as long you set it up in a very well distributed way. Always nice and clean bathroom, a little area for you and your crew (lunch table and snacks), a great hanger for customer coats is always a must have. Think about everything else as separate areas , that will give the customer an idea of a bigger place even when this is a half of it.

2. Be kind to your customers. You may said "Oh my God is the very first thing", but trust me , some times hairstylists are so in their thing that they just want to make the hair nice and empty that chair ASAP. Always offer your customer something to drink, to read, a place where she can be more comfy while wait the color is done. Make her feel relaxed.

3. Your customer deserves a nice and neat place to go. Check on your equipment and tools . Everything has to be a nice team, workers, owner, place and even more , the salon equipment, chairs, stations, dryer chairs, waiting sofas, use nice smell products, brushes, have to be 100% working and in good shape , is so disgusting to seat in a chair ripped of , or seat in a waiting sofa full of hair . See hairy brushes around and have to ask the stylist to clean it before it goes to her head is really uncomfortable, not only for the beautician but for the client. Make sure your salon smells always good .

4.Floors always clean. As a customer I would prefer that one of the ladies ask me to lift my feet so she can sweep underneath rather than step on hair or see it flying around my face when the hairdryer is on.

5.Keep your staff happy. Good mood in a happy place where everybody gets along and help each other is such a wonderful world in miniature and the beauty salon give us the chance to enjoy this "wonderful world" for some hours, definitely will be back for some more of that view.(Incoming money soon!!)

6.Waiting area. That space where the customer takes the final decision of keep waiting or go somewhere else . Keep her there, offer something to drink, make sure she is confortable , "no battery , no problem you can charge it here", that place has to be not only confortable but clean. Keep it in good shape that is the customer's vision center . She will detect everything from there. Is the EYE IN THE SKY..or may I said in the sofa.

7. Styling chairs . Please no wiggly, no ripped off, no for your crew, FOR CUSTOMERS, nice , always clean , keep them in good shape , is like a car, deserves some leather cleaner, do not clean the bases with chemical cleaners, you may ruin the rubber. Use always MICROFIBER DRY CLOTH, no even water on it.

8. Always have a Plan "B" for busy days. Holidays and weekends, extra hands are extremely necessary (obviously I am talking about hairdressers, no your daughter, no your friend or the friend of a friend that doesn't know but she needs the money...Noooo!!) get a student and her friends from beauty school. That will be practice for them and safety for you and your business.

9. Be Honest and fair with your prices. What you announced in your price list is what you charged. Avoid the long stories about "I have to do this and also i did that and I put extra of this ....", at the end of the day she will pay you but 100%, she is not coming back.

Your Beauty Salon is your business but is also the face of your person , is you . Take good care of it, and if you need equipment or some extra tips just give me suggestions for our next Blog, we are ARO Beauty Equipment... where the Beauty Business Begins!!

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