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Does it sound like a threat? …As a matter of fact it is … as one of my teachers at University used to say : “Do it right and let the world know!” …

Your Barbershop has to call the attention of your customers, and those how are not yet your customers. How to do that? Easy!

Put a nice Barber Pole, let your place bright up , don’t cover your windows, do not put posters , let the potencial customer pass by and see “How is this place ?”.

Nowadays, people is more demanding than years ago , you can call them with that light that illuminates your place, that will bring customers in your chair and PRESTIGE…Yes, you are sending to the customer subconscious a direct message “We do things right here! “ .

Before you purchase your Barber Pole here are some tips that could help you:

1)Make sure they are bright and spin.

2)If it has LED light even better , more energy efficiency and lasts better, and much more advantages.

3)Request the size , usually are 3 : A very small one (applies if you don’t have enough space on your walls) , the regular size for exterior or interior (size 32”H x 9“W x 13” D), and the Long Ones ,recommended if you have great space and a good long window(size is about 12” D x 9”W x 67”H).

4) Make sure you do the best selection that fits your needs.

And let your Barber Shop shine!!

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