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Making the Shampoo Area a Fresh Place: Keep it Modern and Clean

The Shampoo Area in a Beauty Salon is after the Station Area, a very important part of the Salon . Is there where our beauticians discover how good was their job dyeing hair, how healthy is that hair , and the texture of it .

This place has to be confortable 100% for the customers as well as safe.

A professional plumbing service will be required not only by the town ,but for the peace of mind of the salon owner. We highly recommend to get a plumber by recommendation of someone close to you or even better if you got the chance to see his previous jobs, since this is a very important part of your salon.

Mounted shampoo bowls are out of the modern salon, however some salon owners still loving the classic. Right now most salons goes with a whole shampoo unit . It means the piece that come all together , seat and sink. Plumbing for this kind of washer station can be made usually from the bottom of the unit (if you have basement) or by the back if you don't. The units that we carry come with hardware . and are ready to install by the plumber.

Whatever is your choice , always remember to keep your shampoo units, clean , with appropriate Hair Traps for each unit , and keeping those sinks clean ,regardless of their color.

Some customers of us wants to keep the same color and shape as the styling chairs to match all together, others

prefer to keep it as a little bit different from the styling area.

The shampoo area is more easy to play with the colors and the designs, since this is not going in the middle of the stations , this is a different area on the salon and you can decorate , paint walls and give this way, to the shampoo area , a little different touch of spa.S

Even having shampoo units you will need a wall cabinet to let you put the shampoo, conditioner, combs or whatever you will need in this area, with storage for clean towels and room to throw away the dirty ones.

Shampoo and Conditioner Dispensers are a really good way to do not waste products and have what is fair and right , and also helps to keep the place clean and more organized , is easy to use and very convenient. You can decor putting a couple gallons (just for decoration, no to use them).

MICROFIBER towels are very effective since they soak up water in seconds. Towel color doesn't really matter black or white always looks good if you wash them properly and follow directions on the tag .

Make sure always to try the temperature of the water before you put it on the customer .You don't want to hear an "Ouch" or something worst. Avoid to talk to the customer during this time , it is a relaxing time for the customer unless she started the conversation.

Massage her head while washing and when you wrap her with the towel say something nice to her about her hair, or her relaxing time on the shampoo .

As always hope this tips helps you if you are thinking to renovate or start your own beauty salon business.

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