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Barber Chairs Vs Recliner Chairs

When it's time to buy new equipment and you have a tight budget but you need to get the chairs to open or renew your Barbershop, you will prefer to take the denominated Recliner Chairs (also known as All Purpose Chair). And there is 2 reasons that could make you choose this option : 1) these kind of chairs , recline and goes up and down (is this enough?) and 2) the price (less expensive than a Barber Chair).

But before you make this mistake READ THIS.

The All Purpose Chair claims its name since you can do eyebrows, cut hair , remove the headrest or move it the height you need …BUT FOR WOMEN . Hair threading/beauticians know the many uses these chairs can have in their places.

BUT the weight of a man is way far different than a lady’s weight , in most of the cases.


The recliner pump will last better and the pump that makes the chair goes up and down won’t broke easily or won't be unsteady after many customers seat in your chairs.

They are more expensive but for the work and the clientele you want to keep is a MUST HAVE item in your business. This is the profesional equipment you need for your business and for your clients.

You can not have a kid happy giving him a Whipped cream ice cream, that is NOT AN ICE CREAM. Isn’t it? Same exactly thing with your customers, they need a place to trust, his barber and the chair where they will feel as a king in his throne.

I always recommend my barber friends to think about the reasons that they may have to change the barbershop equipment. Are they to battered chairs? They doesn’t match the style I’m trying to set in my place? They are old fashioned and I want something modern ? Was from the last owner and they need to go to feel this place my place ?

Look up for the best options in price and materials try to get them from Warehouses, manufacturers, no middle people. Don't buy pre-owned ones.

Check the warranty, a 1 year warranty is a reasonable amount of time.

Make sure you can always get pieces in case you need them after for replacements or if you will be able to get same style chairs after .

The chair has to go pretty down and pretty high.

And as always check the outside, Is leather? Is vinyl? Is plastic ?

I hope this article will be helpful when you think about buying the new equipment for your Barbershop .

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