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Anti-fatigue mats with PVC/NBR

Dimentions 36"W x 48"D x 1/2"H

Salon Mats: Are specifically designed for relief of fatigue caused by working standing on ones feet .Beauty operators in Beauty Salons constantly work in this manner and therefore are subject to all the results of it, The results being fatigue inadequate blood flow, which causes multiple problems, throughout the body.
The have tired feet and sore backs.
The salon mat is a mat that goes around the back of the chair where the operator stands. It consists of a resilient sponge base, soft enough to create comfort. It has a surface that gives durability as it relieves fatigue, and the pressure of the operator standing on it. It’s durable, will not tear and has aesthetic qualities.
We offer a variety of colors both marbleized and solid that match any décor, the surface can be smooth, pebble grained, raised circles, raised domes.
Shapes vary and include rectangular, circular, cut outs, for chair bases and/ or angled for areas that include obstacles.
Wall-to-wall installations are done in matching sections that butt together. There are square edges at the butting edges and beveled non-trip edges on the perimeter where traffic flows. Square edges are also used to butt against walls, cabinets, etc.
Thickness varies – ½” – for a standard very comfortable mat up to 1” - for super comfort
Suggested application - cashiers, dentists, barber shops, beauty shops, bank tellers, drugstores, retail counter, industrial plants, etc
The fatigue mat line has a multiplicity of surfaces and colors all designed for aesthetic reasons – matching purposes while providing their purpose of fatigue relief.
Mats vary in size 3’ x 4’ – 3’ x 54” – 3’ x 5’ – 3’ x 64” – 3’ x 6’ in standard sizes all made to fit the required situation of chair bases, which vary circular – rectangular etc we can produce to fit them all.
If the mat in one section is needed to cover all the chairs required, it can be done.
Mats are made rectangular, circular and will fit any area.
Edges are tapered to prevent tripping.
Widths standard –2’- 3’- 4’ or custom made sizes up to 4’.
Wider widths are done in sections.
Thicknesses ½” - 1” (15/16”)
Luxurious comfort while using your energy to work efficiently and achieving maximum productivi
Salon mats are a problem solver.


Media Luna floor mat 36" x 48" x 1/2", memory foam coushom

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$99.00Sale Price