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Benefits Of Conditioners

  • Anti-Frizz And Static Control: Conditioners are used to decrease any inter-fiber friction between the hair shafts ( 1 ). ...
  • Improved Hair Appearance And Feel: They help detangle hair, thus improving hair manageability and combability ( 1 ). They also improve hair shine and smoothness.
  • Hair Protection: It protects the hair by sealing the cuticle. Research shows that applying a conditioner after shampooing your hair can prevent any damage and dryness caused by the shampoo ...
  • Protein: Some conditioners also contain protein-derived compounds that may treat split ends ( 3 ).
  • Repairs Hair Damage: Chemically-treated and/or bleached hair is more porous ( 1 ). This means that hair cuticles are left more open to damage. ...


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